The XX – Shelter

Its not often a song jumps ahead of sound and screams at me like the forces of creation. This song by the XX did just that… “I found shelter in this way, undercover, hideaway… can you hear when I say, I have never felt this way…”

This song takes my heart and squeezes it gently, constricting the flow of blood through my veins. It brings back the past, hurt, pain, suffering, love and joy… ” please teach me gently how to breathe.”

I don’t know much about this band but it stirs my emotions to the ephemeral core… the roots of rectifying, reconciliation, redition and revelation, letting go the past and embracing the future. It fills up parts of me oppressed by emotion and lets me breathe in the air of fresh flow and expire the feelings of angst.

I find shelter in this song from the conscience of the thing I have done.

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Closet Leader

“He is so far back in the closet, he is living in Narnia!”

A closet leader? What is that? Is it a state of mind? Is it a realization of self confined by ego and fear into a box? I am not sure but I must let go my fears, my insecurities and my frustrations with myself to try and tap into what these words mean to me and why they make me feel anxious and what I am afraid of…

I feel that with all the amount of information I have at my fingertips, my life, my experiences have brought me to this cusp in my life. A place where I do not feel I am complete, I am wandering around distracted by people, opinions and information. Differentiating what is useful and useless for me but observing watching almost going I told you so instead of participating engaging embracing and stepping out into the world I am my own judge, juror and executioner.

Being a leader to me would be a person who lives by example, in whichever way they choose to live their life. For me it would be about being aligned with ones higher self. Understanding the voice that is the higher self and engaging that being in direct communication with the spirit essence, the body and the planet.

There are so many new and innovative solutions being discovered as we speak but the greed and ignorance of people seem to be hindering the development of the planet. I feel by inaction I am standing by watching the world deteriorate, the profit margins are shrinking, whilst the prophets are oppressed and the people are being screwed over again and again. Sure this has been necessary for growth but how can a corrupt form of growth, of colonialism, of command and conquer be sustainable? How can our lands be raped from resource continuously? Do economics drive the virtual machine that us humans must now just piggy back along in the fear that we may miss the ride?  Is it only disaster that fuels our pride, so we can ride tall and faithfully blinded into our individual sunset, forgetting the past, discarding the future, and oblivious to the present?

Who or what has gotten us here and who or what will drive us out of this valley where the heavy metals have poisoned the fish and the jungles disappear hundreds of football fields a day. When the latest version of the new iPhone, makes last years obsolete, and the Jones’ chase each others’ tails round and round, banking on their imagined monetary systems to grant them freedom, freedom of the guilt of oppression, freedom of the eradication of the biodiversity of our planet, mono crops, mono Culture, mono species… protecting our individual interests for the betterment of our families our wealth our personal status as we wait for our leaders to change the status quo, and we watch our hard earned cash flow siphoned off into the fat cats back pockets… absolute power corrupting absolutely, under the banner of development and an the illegitimate child of the Judeo-Christian Catholic death cult. I mean life after death must be so much better then this surely? Surely not!

So how do we change this, how can we believe in our leaders? How can we step out of the closet, from behind our computerized crystal screens, our four walls, our Satellite worlds, how can we bring forth change? How can one become a leader in an Oligarchic world governed by fear and oppression. Do we have to go to prison for 27 years to find out who we are within, so we can truly understand the nature of being Human and the pure Love that connects us all? How can the modern leader take this heart space, transcend the transcendental and be an active positive member of society, participating, debating, and educating tomorrow’s leaders through true and valid information. Not false disinformation.

I would fill the minds of the youth with realistic dreams, based on the importance not of capital wealth growth, but of community engagement, education into the spiritual aspect of humanity, and understanding of the path we have taken to get to this point in time. The deeper inner workings of the science and nature of things, and the place that the multi national corporations have come from and their social responsibility of the future.

Understanding that we can move forward, spreading the wealth, re-distributing power wealth and most importantly information in the form of education. Many will hold their hands up in the air and scream; perhaps even protest; holding on with bitter claws until the bitter end. Until these talons have been cut from the strings that control the puppets of control and war we will not be able to move forward… we will not be able to see the illusion that envelopes and binds us all.

I hope to take my knowledge, my understanding of the nature of life, to come out of the closet, to come back from Narnia. To live proud and ego free, to embrace all the beauty of life and know and believe with every problem comes a solution. To be motivated to act, to take every experience past, present and future to create a better world. To change within, and to change without, enhancing and adding value to lives of people, in creating a vision of unity and understanding and tolerance through actions and words, delivering the gifts of divine life and heaven on this earth… a shared collective consciousness interwoven through the world wide web of life. Lifting up the carpets clearing out the dust from underneath them, causing a storm, and filtering the cloud as its settles over the hearts and minds of the collective human conciousness meme.

“Come mothers and fathers throughout the land and don’t criticize what you don’t understand, your sons and your daughters are beyond your command, the times they are a changing” Dylan.

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